Open Source

Open source in IT industry refers to something that is available freely as a Website Development. Likewise open source projects are the ones’s that could be inspected, enhanced or modified freely. In technical parlance, open source implies a software or program in which the source code is available for use or modification without the involvement of any cost. It is now a collaborative effort where programmers improve upon a code within the community.

The rationale behind adopting such a process is to involve programmers, otherwise not bound by proprietary ownership or financial benefits, to produce a more purposeful and bug-free product for universal use. Open source programs are in complete contrast to proprietary products. Open source products offered by Versasia include WordPress, Magento, HTML5, Angular JS and Javascript based Website Development

Platforms that we work on:

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WorPress is an open source online CMS (content management system) or website making tool based on PHP. It is perhaps the simplest and most powerful blogging programs in use. It offers you the freedom to create features, designs and contents as per your desire.

This is a theme based tool allowing users to alter the appearance and functionality of a website as and when required, without bringing any changes to site content or core code. WordPress gives you access to nearly 49,400 plugins; each with its customized features and functions. Customizations could be related to display features, content management systems, navigation bars, or addition of widgets.

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Magento is also a PHP based tool. It is essentially an open source e-commerce platform allowing users smooth navigation and improving viewer to buyer conversion ratio. Easy customization, better code base, enterprise level scalability, enhanced page caching, and improved performance are features that have made Magento a vital website building tool.

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Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) 5, as the name suggests is a mark-up language and not a programming language like WordPress or Magento. This language is used for structuring and organizing content for WWW (World Wide Web). The 5th version comes with a more exhaustive set of technologies which allow more powerful and diverse web applications. Its application is most distinctively felt in multimedia applications

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The drawback of HTML is overcome by the dynamic nature of AngularJS. This is an instrument for creating a framework for development of applications that are dynamic, expressive and extensive.

The choice of open source tools depends on your specific requirement. We at Versasia Infosoft use all of these depending on need. These open source tools are secured as they could be fixed and updated at any instant. We also provide training in using these tools. Being open source these are easier to learn as they are publicly accessible and invite comments and suggestions..

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JavaScript or JS is a programming language for creating web pages. It is a prototype based dynamic language with multi-paradigm capabilities. JavaScript adds interactivity to web pages and websites. It is especially useful in creating games, animation, and dynamic styling. This versatile programming helps in creating fluctuating layouts, image galleries, and responses to clicks.

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