Mobile Application Development

Application Development

The demand for mobile application development is growing almost on a daily basis. Increase in customer demand for goods and services fueled by latest technological advancement have prompted sellers of goods and services to develop their own applications. These applications or apps are shortcuts to a particular website. Clicking on these links saves botheration of accessing them via browsers.

Under such circumstances it is only natural that we at Versasia Infosoft lead the market in creating mobile applications for service providers and sellers with our Application Development Team with great sufficiency.


Why choose us?

We as a company believe in offering solutions that are market driven. We take immense care in creating applications as they form the connecting link between buyers and sellers. Other reasons for selecting us in developing mobile apps:

  • We rely on high quality development platforms
  • We engage experienced personnel having extensive knowledge on mobile technologies and frameworks
  • Mobile application created by us are robust and cost effective
  • Deliveries are prompt
  • Dynamic after sales support for different platforms

Platforms that we work on:

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Android Application Development

We create Android apps that are feature rich and help you in executing a variety of marketing and commercial functions. Our customers are assured of original development solutions which could be customized. We ensure creation of unprecedented business revenue thereby protecting your investment.

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iOS Application Development

iOS mobile applications developed by us are also feature rich. All creations are based on latest iOS software development kit so as to give a competitive edge. These apps are engaging and performance driven. These user friendly applications are easy to use and offer handsome ROI

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PhoneGap Development

PhoneGap is a tool that enables web development skills to be channelized into creating fascinating mobile applications. With PhoneGap our developers could create apps for each of the platforms chosen using a single basic code. It saves the trouble of complex compatibility issues involved with apps development.

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Ionic Application Development

Ionic gives a more native-like experience for mobile apps. It is an advanced platform achieved through a combination of UI (user interface) and Angular JS frameworks. This is a highly functional and engaging application that functions equally effectively across all mobile platforms

We develop mobile applications that enhance your marketing capabilities and offer you the flexibility and freedom to create an identity for yourself. Connect with us today