Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial Manufacturing

Investment Casting

At Versasia Infosoft we understand that high quality, low cost and short lead times are very important to our customers. To ensure we can the right elements, we employ a lean manufacturing team with a forward approach to each operation required throughout the casting process in the investment casting foundry. Doing so eliminates waste, lowers cost and increases quality. We incorporate multiple steps into single manufacturing processes and cross train technicians. The same manufacturing methodology is used companywide for all areas of the business which saves time and money for our customers.

Bar Stock Machining

Versasia Infosoft provides high quality, tight toleranced components machined from a bar stock. Versasia Infosoft also finish machines as-cast and as-forged components. With the availability of latest CNC and VMC machine, and Quality Controlled through CMM dimension via Zeiss

Additionally, we perform all necessary secondary operations on finished/semi-finished parts such as heat treatment, surface treatment etc.

Aluminum Pressure Die Casting


Metal Injection Molding