Structural Steel Detailing

Structural Steel Detailing

Structural engineering ‘detailing’ involves thorough and complete understanding of a project with all its intricacies and considerations. Detailing is the preceding stage to modelling. Actual measurement and scale measurements must be finalized in this phase. Complete detailing is the necessary condition for drawing and modelling. Scale drawings and modelling are the bases upon which an engineer or builder works. Detailing, therefore, must always be perfect and done by only expert and accomplished professionals.

In detailing, it is not only important to determine the material of construction but also its gauge or composition. Steel had many varieties each with a unique composition. This is clearly specified while ‘detailing’ a project. Detailing is a customized concept and changes from one customer to another, since no two constructions need be the same. However, similar constructions are a possibility. Shop drawing and structural steel detailing are the two main components of ‘detailing’.

  1. Shop drawing – These are fabrication drawings showing accurate shape and dimensions of each and every component to be used in construction. Our drawings are created using latest CAD tools based on which 3D designs and models might be created. From structural steel to fabrication, ‘detailing’ involves every aspect. These drawings are also essential for architects and of course civil engineers
  2. Structural steel detailing – This is the process of creating accurate and detailed fabrication drawing, shop drawing, erection layout, bolt anchor plan, and bill of material for structural engineering assignments. Tools like Auto CAD and StruCAD are used for this purpose. Details of beams, girders, trusses, bracings, columns, chutes, bunkers, and pipe bridges are done using structural steel detailing

Why Versasia

  • Our detailers are exponents in creating general management drawings, erection drawings, shop drawings, joist-deck detailing, bolt-anchor layout, and miscellaneous detailing;
  • Projects are continually checked in its creation or development phase for taking corrective action if required;
  • Quality checking is a multi-tier procedure for ensuring safety at every level;
  • We are endowed with world-class engineers, who maintain international standards at every level of development of project;
  • Detailing task is always customized;
  • Solutions are most cost-effective and supported continuously.

We at Versasia do not limit our ‘detailing’ service merely to the drawing board. We create cost effective solutions from them.