Structural Modelling

Structural Modelling

Creating a model is essential before a structure is actually created. A model is usually a scaled down representation of a structure. Scaled up modelling is also common, but that is more of biological or microscopic organisms. Engineering structural modelling comes with a graphical interface that allows the model to be seen in 3D.

At Versasia, structural engineering modelling involves using of computational methods and CAD tools for creating scaled models. Shape and appearance of these models are exactly as per computerized graphics and form the basis of a structure. While creating a model several aspects are considered:

  1. Seismic reliability – Every geographical location has a particular seismic characteristic about which engineers and builders must be totally aware. Structures must be constructed to overcome this hazard or else it would become risky
  2. Structural integrity – This is an assessment by which the reliability and longevity of a structure is measured. This test determines whether a structure is safe and could withstand all hazards throughout its lifetime. The strength of material must always be higher than the maximum stress that might be applied to it during its use. The structure must not deform, fatigue or fracture under stress
  3. Agent based structuring – Agent based structuring implies a more manageable and testable model
  4. Fuzzy structuring – A mesh structure is the fundamental concept of fuzzy structuring. It is a morphological modification that enables an equivalent projection of a structure from every direction
  5. Finite element analysis – This is a computerized method of determining how an element or product used in building a structure would react to forces like vibration, heat, magnetic field, and fluid flow. It also evaluates the wearing out or breaking potential of the said element or product

At Versasia each of these aspects is given appropriate importance while creating models.

Why Versasia

  • Models are based on actual data, making structures realistic
  • Designers and modellers in Versasia are among the most qualified and accomplished in their field
  • A thorough approach is made as models are true representations of a structure
  • Deliveries are made in time irrespective of complexities involved
  • Modelling assignments are charged competitively and are among the best in the industry

Trust us to create life like models that are actual representations of a future structure.