Structural Design

Structural Design

Any structural designing assignment begins with ‘designing’. Designing essentially is creating the groundwork for a more elaborate structural engineering project. While preparing groundwork it is necessary to take both external and internal factors into consideration. Once a plan is approved, designing is the next step that follows.

While designing, we at Versasia stress on four aspects:

  1. Materials to be used – Strength, stability, and rigidity are the principal considerations while selecting material for a structure. It could be steel, cast iron, concrete, or even brickwork. It entirely depends on the purpose of the structure.
  2. Joints or connections – Connections could be beam-to-beam, beam-to-column, column bases, column splices, or bracing connections. Fin plates and flexible end plates are the usual joint forms used in steel or metallic structures. Joints must be able to transmit internal forces without development of moments that might impact the structure as a whole.
  3. Wastage reduction – Protection of environment through reduction of wastage is a major concern of designing. The responsibility of structural engineers is no less in environment protection. For reducing wastage, open-span structural designs are more in demand. Using durable materials that could be recycled or reused are preferred in structural constructions.
  4. Collaborations – Collaborations are significant in any structural engineering assignment as diverse disciplines need to act in perfect unison. Integration and co-ordination of data, systems, and procedures are fundamental for every structural designing.

Why Versasia

  • We at Versasia follow international standards in creating engineering designs
  • Irrespective of the size of project assignments are completed in time
  • We are endowed with the most experienced team of professionals who not only are experts in their respective disciplines but are totally aware of current market trends
  • Our business process is completely transparent which makes dealings easier
  • Our solutions are customized, thereby optimizing resources available
  • A flexible approach characterizes our work process
  • We offer quality solutions at the most competitive rates

Our designing service in structural engineering is ready to deliver.