Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Services

Versasia Infosoft is now an acknowledged name in mechanical engineering CAD (computer aided designing) services. We specialize in creating customized solutions that are flexible and cost-effective. We focus on flexibility of our solutions as market requirements change at a brisk pace, and it becomes necessary to enhance your designing tool accordingly. As opting for a new solution is not advisable as it entails a cost, we make our designing services flexible. With Mechanical Engineering Services at Versasia Infosoft, we make sure our Designing and Drafting brings the quality at exquisite.

We have been successful in gaining the confidence of mechanical engineering companies through our creativity, quality designing of every type of machines and heavy equipment’s, and value-added services. Our designers, CAD experts, and technicians work as a closed unit to create solutions that cater to market demands.


The services that we offer

We cover an extensive area of engineering services:

Mechanical Drafting

Drafting is meant to give 2D representations of new concepts. This essentially involves creating manufacturing and fabrication drawings; and forming 3D models using CAD services. Our 2D CAD Drafting team brings quality detailing and accurate notes for your manufacturing needs.

Mechanical Modeling

Our Mechanical Modeling services offered to customers who would like to see the life like representation of any engineering design with 3D Modelling, showing an accurate 3D Models of your engineering.

Finite Element Analysis

Finite element analysis (FEA) allows accurate, punctual, and cost effective solutions in structure building. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analyses product performance. FEA and CFD constitute thermal evaluation of machines

Our methods

We use both 2-D and 3-D techniques in designing. A systematic approach is adopted that involves creation of soft copy, hard copy, blueprints, and modelling in sequence. Provisions for adjustments and re-designing are allowed.

Why approach us

Our team of designers are highly qualified and capable of creating designs that are customized and relevant. The expertise of our designers is not confined to machines and machine parts but extends to molded and formed plastics, sheets, and castings. Punctuality and competitive pricing are our other strengths that give you an advantage over competitors.