Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Since paper drawing is no longer considered adequately useful, the switch over to digital drawing was a long-awaited change. Versasia Infosoft was one of the firsts of its time to support the change by bringing the service to the people of the country.

Civil engineering services is one of our specialized services and in it, we offer both drafting and detailing solutions.

We have both material resources as well as skill sets needed to render CAD drafts that serve as the blueprints of the constructional projects in question. Doing the job for us are a team of qualified engineers who have formal training in CAD Software’s and have been a part of several high-end constructional projects across the country.


  • Civil Drafting: In drafting, our focus is adjusted mostly to architectural designs. We offer drafting service for all civil engineering projects, be it the design of a construction or its architectural aspect.
  • Rebar Detailing: In rebar detailing, our job involves preparing special drawings of sites of construction. The drawings include special details such as the rebar size and measurements that is required to strengthen the foundation of a certain construction.

Constructional and General Drawings

Part of our job is to keep the project plans on track and this why we take over the nightmarish task to chasing the deadline. We create complete constructional drawings within short turnaround times through the use of advanced technologies. With the help of various CAD software’s, our drawings come out perfectly accurate.

As for general drawings, we offer them in isometric and 3D views. This makes even complex settings easily understandable. The point is to shed light on the critical aspects of a design that makes a construction perfect. Aside project drawings, we also offer drafts for master plans that can be viewed from all angles to get a closer look.


We are our clients’ favorite for a host of reasons. The principle reasons that make our clients loyal to us are:

Consistent Data: We deliver data that is accurate and consistent throughout. Our documentation processes undergo close scrutiny that minimizes errors in the stats. In addition to that, our system relies on automated deliverable’s which makes the deliveries consistent.

Timely Project Delivery: We believe timeliness is the secret to a successful business. Going by that principle, we do not keep our clients waiting for the projects past the deadline. You set the deadline, while we deliver the job within the timeline.

Fast Response to Change Requests

We understand that the designs cannot be a perfect imitation of what you have in your mind. This is why we are open to taking change requests. We respond promptly to all change instructions that come to us. Our help to streamline tasks that take too much time is always available.