Architectural Engineering

Architectural Engineering

When the plan of a construction is in its conceptual stage, the only modal vehicle that transportsthe idea to the point of development is drawing. Engineering drawings on white sheets is a story of yesterday. Today is the era of precision engineering, higher engineering that relies heavily on use of computing technologies not only in the developmental phases, but also in designs.

Versasia Infosoft is a leading name in the CAD services in all the four disciplines of engineering. In architectural engineering, it brings to the builders rendering and 3D modeling services of architectural exteriors, interiors, levels, sections and elevations.


Here are what we offer in this segment.

Draft: In drafting, we cover all areas of architectural constructs, starting from its structural sides to internal amenities like plumbing, HVAC, fire protection, lighting and electrical wiring, drainage and sanitation. Our2D drafting service involves creation of digital drawings of a plan within affordable prices. Our drafts are all 2 dimensional and are done on AutoCAD. The drafts include floor plans, landscapes, layouts and other details. We can both work with paper documents or create original designs on software.

Model: All our architectural modeling works are done on AutoCAD in 3D. It comes with complete rendering of the models. On request, we animate our 3D models for a digital walkthrough. We keep the replica modeling as close to the real project as possible. Our 3D models have immensely helped architects, developers, engineers and contractors to build architectures by guiding them through every facet of the edifice. With a full-scale 3 dimensional drawing at hand, giving an idea reality is not as critical as it should be. Our 3D modeling has saved companies both time and money.

Render: Rendering demands close attention to details. While it comes packaged with our modelling services, it takes some extra measures to give the picture the realism it needs. The rendered images thus have realistic shadows, proper lighting effects, colors and textures, flora and fauna, landscapes, people and such. This makes the pictures believable and real than a printed version of a reality conceived in a software.

Key Features of Our Architectural Engineering Services

The services in our category have some common features which make them value returns for the investment concerned. Take a look here:

  • High quality standard maintained in all projects
  • Cuts short infrastructural expenses
  • Fast turnaround
  • Made with cutting-edge technology
  • Service available for all simple and complex structures
  • High competitive rates
  • Edits and change support available on all drawings
  • Drafting done with all kinds of input formats
  • Drafts as accurate as the details shared
  • Frees up business focus for core functions
  • Secure data storage space
  • Saves cost
  • Qualified professionals work on the incoming projects