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Board Of Directors

Versasia Infosoft is the brainchild of its founding companies Versatile Solutions and Asia Infotech and have led the company to its present. Under Directors leadership, right from its salad days, Versasia has maintained an unwavering focus on IT and Engineering and to this day, the only change in its areas of focus is their expansion. Team – Versasia Infosoft | Engineering | IT Services – The trinity is the chief head behind any consequential company decisions and the eyes that scrutinize service quality.

Mayur Dayama

In academic field he has completed MBA in International Marketing and has spent over 8 years in this ITES, BPO, Engineering & IT Support industries. He is one of the main and driving forces towards success of Versasia Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. He has helped and served this industry by utilizing his skills and talent of marketing this is just like adding voice to corporate identities. With his generosity and aptitude Versasia has also worked with Fortune 500 companies in ITES, Engineering sectors.

Mayur’s philosophy and vision: “If you have to stand apart from others then keep delivering the output on time to clients with Quality like we do at Versasia. This nature of working together with companies helps both parties to go an extra mile in their business relationships. This thought is mainly for upcoming young entrepreneurs like at Versasia”

He is one of the young and full of enthusiasm entrepreneur Versasia has derived. The humbleness and perseverance which he puts towards his team is full of appreciation. This is also one of the reasons for the growth of Versasia. Overall he has an experience of 12 years in ITES sector and has uncanny knack of handling department at his best. Though his personal background is from Multimedia but in this learning curve with Versasia he has got mastered in Website Design and Development division too. Along with handling this specific division he also has talent hub to look after our Accounting division,he handles all things at ease and always makes ensure that Board receives accurate, timely and clear information to monitor the success of company.

Anil’s philosophy and vision: “As per my experience one can easily learn to handle website design and development division but the main thing to sustain in this industry is to play with more colors in website designing part and use logic for every task to make project and team victorious”

Anil Nair
Krutarth Parekh

With more than 20+ years of engineering experience in service industry and in Industrial sector he is the backbone at Versasia. He has achieved Masters in Mechanical stream but being into this industry and facing everyday with new challenges in engineering sector he has tuned up and can stand to answer questions for Structural, Piping, Architectural sector too. His vast experience helps Versasia to grow in proper direction. He has been effectively planning, directing and coordinating all the activities of the operation in designing and always guarantees the feasible methods for achieving the eminence design in timely manner

Krutarth’s philosophy and vision: “I more believe in delivering work on time to clients because appreciation from your client and conveying the same to team always helps to delivery work on time with Quality. Engineering sector is a very vast field but team working under me should understand to and fro of different sectors in Engineering field, like I do”