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Versasia Infosoft

Versasia Infosoft is one among the most noted outsource partners for Engineering and IT Services. Serving clients all over the world, we have curved a mark in this highly competitive arena by the virtue of diligence and delivery of value. We are proud to state today that our IT and engineering solutions have mammoth contribution to the successes of the companies we have catered to.


Versasia Infosoft is a company that excels in CAD Designing and Drafting in India and partners with all kinds of CAD conversion services. The company provides range of engineering services such as:

Structural engineering forms the basis of every engineering project that involves construction of a structure. Structural steel detailing forms the backbone of both commercial and domestic constructions. Before a structure is put into shape, designing in 3D using CAD followed by structural modelling is compulsorily done by us at Versasia. Structural modelling is a statistical tool for testing the practical significance of any project.

We are equipped both technically and professionally to address engineering projects across domains in a cost-effective way.

Our mechanical engineering and mechanical drafting services are based on various software tools including CAD. Engineering process is a combination of drafting and modelling exercises carried out by adept professionals. 3D modelling is also an integral part of our engineering assignments. Another crucial aspect of our mechanical engineering products is testing their viability.

Architectural engineering is all about converting designs or drawings into reality. From drawing board to creating in reality is a planned process. Our advanced drafting technology based on CAD tool helps in converting designs into digital drawings. By using our CAD services you not only have designs done perfectly, but also save substantially on your infrastructure and resources. Architects, builders, and interior designers rely immensely on our architectural engineering expertise.

Civil engineering is also a specialized area requiring skills and techniques. Our focus is on the designing and architectural aspects of a structure. Our specialty in civil designing is use of ‘rebar detailing’ process. This process is used to create special drawings for construction sites.


We put together dedicated and experienced teams from all walks of life, prepared to offer value for your money. We are here to serve you to the best of our abilities. Our IT services consists of:

About us and working with Versasia

Versasia has a very humble beginning which started in 2006 and we have been on the roll ever since. There has been no stopping for us in this last 10 years. Propelled by our energy and motivation to deliver quality services that ramp up the bar of satisfaction, we have had a long walk since the day we set off.

What has added to our dynamicity is our assorted client base which we hope to continue expanding. We have served all kinds of companies over the course of our career. We have works with global giants on their in-house projects as well as taken over entire departmental operations of tiny ventures, delivering results of equitable standards. The dichotomous partnerships have helped us in learning the workings of different companies and how to wield the knowledge into our processes to produce tailor-made solutions. Aside the bubbling energy in our team, the extra gusto is added by the newest technologies that we embed in our infrastructure to refresh the mainframe. Thus, with both the ingredients at hands, we emerge unscathed to the industry with the most attractive services and solutions in offer.

That is precisely the recipe for our successful and long-term partnership with many international players and domestic kahunas.


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